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The ANC Veterans League is saddened by the passing of Honourable Aaron Milner on 22nd June 2024 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

A political party, can be said to be composed of: a BODY (which is represented by its membership), by its CHARACTER…

After careful rational analysis and removal of all emotions, I have come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to vote for the  ANC in the best interests of our country.

Siyanqoba Rally Message from ANC Veterans’ League President, Snuki Zikalala

I bring your greetings from the Veterans League. Our members have been on the streets, at the taxi ranks and on social media campaigning energetically and relentlessly for a decisive ANC victory in the elections next week.

112th Anniversary of the ANC

Let this year see us take big strides in further strengthening the organised underground structures of the ANC. Let us see greater mass political actions in all the provinces and districts of our country. Let it see us extend people’s war to all corners of our land. Let it see the fastest and furthest possible co-ordinated advance on all fronts towards the goal of people’s power.



This slow shift in a positive direction is also captured in the Indlulamithi Barometer, based on 55 indicators which will be released on November 9.


In Memoriam

The late Mmakwena Lydia Komape-Ngwenya or Mam Lydia as she was affectionately known, sadly passed away on 11 October 2023. Mam Lydia was born on 06 August 1935 at Mamphulo gaMatlala-a-thaba, about 40km west of Polokwane.

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Veterans League PEC induction meeting


This Day in History

At the time of her death, Cde Ruth First was a lecturer at the Eduardo Mondlane University. Her funeral in Maputo was attended by presidents, members of parliament and envoys from 34 countries. 

Closing Remarks by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the ANC NEC

The NEC reaffirms the longstanding support for and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and calls for an end to the occupation of Palestine which is against UN resolutions. The state of Israel should immediately end the siege on GAZA so that water, food, energy, medical supplies and fuel can reach the civilians.

ANC Veterans League 3rd National Conference


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