Let it be known that we pay tribute to Patrick Ricketts – A Fighter to the end

The Veterans League in the Western Cape learnt with shock and sadness about the news of the death of Patrick Ricketts. He was a character in the ranks of the ANC and MK veterans who would never miss. His distinctive beards and somehow falling glasses defined the character.

Cde Dingake, your 96th birthday coincides with the 30th anniversary of our democracy. Something we must celebrate – and we hope that you will be with us on the 27th of April to celebrate this anniversary and hopefully around about the same time, a further election victory for the ANC.

Barry Vincent Feinberg, SACP and ANC stalwart, has died in Cape Town after a long and difficult illness, bravely borne. For thirty years of London exile he was a tireless backroom worker designing the movement’s publicity. Many of the African Communist and Sechaba journals most striking cover designs were his work; as were the layout and graphic designs of ANC and SACP clandestine leaflets and literature distributed in South African cities.

I remember being in our UDF/NIC control room on my Apple 64kb computer documen;ng results as they came in from ac;vists, being surrounded by giants like Jerry, Pravin, Farouk and others.