ANC Veterans League stands in Solidarity with the Palestinian resistance

Violence begets violence. This statement is no more true than when we reflect on the recent events in Gaza.  Seventy five years of apartheid colonialism and gross human rights violations inflicted on the people of Palestine have brought us to this tragic point.

As the ANC Veterans League, we pledge our solidarity with the Palestinian resistance movement and the people of Palestine who have suffered unrelenting hardship in the country of their birth.

The response of the Israeli government and its allies, including the United States is only going to escalate this situation.  For the Israeli government to say that that they are releasing their soldiers of all forms of restraint, to continue to bomb Gaza civilians and block access to basic service is a violation of international law.

For the United States President to side unilaterally with Israeli President Netanyahu and offer military support instead of calling for peace, shows where American interests truly lie.  The winners here will be the military-industrial complex of the West which have long colluded with the Israeli army to use the occupied territories as testing grounds for the development of insidious new weapons of war.

As the ANCVL we call on the international community to ensure that international law is not violated indiscriminately and to stop Israeli forces from their aggressive and repeated attacks against Gaza civilians. 

We also call on the South African government to contribute to establishing a lasting and credible process of peace in the occupied territories. Together with countries like Ireland we have the experience of being part of such a process.

Issued by Snuki Zikalala

President of the ANCVL.