Siyanqoba Rally Message from ANC Veterans’ League President, Snuki Zikalala

A political party, can be said to be composed of: a BODY (which is represented by its membership), by its CHARACTER (which is represented by its stance on issues or “policies”) and by its SOUL (which is represented by its essence or morality; which determines how it will decide to act at times of extreme and unforeseen crises).

As for the membership and leadership of the ANC; it is the most diverse and geographically and sectorally representative party in our county. It attempts to include in its membership the racial, gender, class, labour, youth, disabled,
sexual orientation and other diversities in our very diverse nation. When things get tough, it can harness this broad representativity to restore order and to build unity, especially when it pertains to strife between groups or communities. We still have a long way to go to end inequality, racism, xenophobia and other negative tendencies in our society; which hold the potential of seriously and negatively impacting on peace and security in our country.

Also, we have slowly got rid of the worst serial and populist offenders from the ranks of the ANC; people like comrades JZ, Ace Magashule and Karl Nieuhaus, for instance. The actions of the corrupt few amongst us are slowly but surely being met; by the actions of those who are responsible to bring those bad apples to book and to remove them from the body politic. And I remain hopeful we will still be able to get rid of the remaining few bad apples who remain on the ANC lists to represent the ANC.

As for the character of the ANC; it has the most progressive policies of all of the political parties in Mzanzi on most issues. As a voter, I have the best chance of seeing my progressive views on subjects like the BIG, the economy, equality, poverty and human rights; being reflected, if the ANC is in government. Without being blind to some faults and weaknesses (of individual ANC leaders and members) and some organisational weaknesses, which must and can be addressed; with the ANC I have the best chance of seeing my progressive and sustainable policies being adopted.

The most important thing for me as a voter is “the essence” or “soul” of the party that I chose, because this represents ultimately the true nature of the party; and is the single biggest determinant of its future behaviour on moral matters that voters cannot foresee at the time of going to the polls.

The greatest moral issue of our time is presently playing itself out in the dispossession and genocide of the Palestinian people; by the Zionist apartheid Israeli state. What a party says and more importantly does in response to this matter is the truest indicator of where it stands morally on the issues of humanity and the rule of law; and how it is likely to act in the face of grave adversity and injustice.

In this matter, the ANC has not faltered, and even though the moral character of some of its former leaders has strained its reputation in the recent past; its stance for true justice and humanity has been evident in its handling of the moral issue of this century, namely the genocide and attempted eradication of Palestinians. The Case brought by South Africa at the ICJ against Israel’s unbridled atrocities and genocidal acts, while most of the world’s leaders are either muted in their response or actively thwarting efforts to bring justice and peace to the people of Palestine; has distinguished the ANC from most parties in Mzanzi and the world.

This decisive action of the government has distinguished the ANC from most parties in Mzanzi and the world. These actions most likely will be met by serious and severe negative consequences for the ANC and the government of our nation.

In this action alone, the ANC has proven that at its Centre sits an unflappable “essence or morality ” which places the humanity of the Palestinians above its own very existence. On this issue alone, the ANC gets my vote and support; as it’s has shown that in a time of a moral crisis it can make the correct moral decision, despite the negative opprobrium it may face because of its decision.

In the recent past I was fearful that the ANC had lost its moral compass; but its new leadership has slowly righted the ship, jettisoned some of its bad apples; and so I am now more positive that the ANC will actively and speedily pursue its Renewal project and restore its revolutionary morality and credibility.

Viva ANC! ANC for a decisive electoral victory in 2024.