Why I am voting for the ANC

These are my reasons for my voting choice.

After careful rational analysis and removal of all emotions, I have come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to vote for the  ANC in the best interests of our country.

This decision has not come lightly in view of my disappointment and anger at their levels of performance, levels of corruption, and failures since 2012.

The following are some of the main reasons that I have come to this conclusion.

1. Markets favor political stability and economic predictability.  This is a crucial factor for  economic growth, jobs creation, attracting foreign direct investments, currency stability, and avoiding further downgrades.  A stable economic environment is vital for the growth of business. This provides businesses with predictability and security, reducing risks associated with sudden policy changes. This predictability encourages long-term planning and investment by both domestic and foreign investors, leading to increased, confidence and economic activity and growth

2. Analysis of the current political environment makes it impossible for any other party to govern South Africa without any coalition. All indicators point to the ANC, and the EFF will jointly get more than 50%, making it mathematical impossible for any other coalition to govern without any one of them. An ANC outright majority creates the stability that we need. A coalition of the ANC with the “wrong” party will be a disaster for us all. The only possible way to avoid a coalition is for an  ANC outright majority.

3. We have seen that coalitions don’t work in this country. The state of our metro’s is an indication of what could happen at a national level. The only party that has any chance of governing without a coalition is the ANC. The reality is that no other party has any remote chance of an outright victory.

4. The ANC has taken some steps to renew itself and address some of its shortcomings. This may be too little and too slow, but at least it’s in the right direction. The exit of the Zuma faction and others increases the likelihood of success for the ANC’s renewal efforts. A fall in support of the ANC below 50% will strengthen the anti renewal, corrupt faction of the ANC, and move the country backwards.

5. We have lately seen a dramatic shift in ethnic and racially decisive politics. Given the current circumstances, a renewal of the ANC remains the only tool for a united country that  advances the transformation of previously marginalised communities and creating a non racial society.

6. The ANC Government showed courage and integrity in standing up for human rights internationally even in the face immense pressure from powerful quarters.

7. It is important that we support the renewal and strengthen the ANC to go back to its core values.

These are my personal reasons to vote for the ANC as I honestly believe that its the only choice that’s in the best interests of the country. This in no way means that I condone and accept the failures of the ANC in the past, but feel that its the only way to change things for the better.

Sivi Moodley

PS. The expression of my views in no way seeks to undermine or diminish anyone’s else’s point of view. I believe in everyone’s democratic rights.